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 GODZILLA(2014) Has Stomped Over 500,000,000 Worldwide At The Box Office

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PostSubject: GODZILLA(2014) Has Stomped Over 500,000,000 Worldwide At The Box Office   Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:10 pm


We've done it Godzilla fans! Domestically, GODZILLA has officially rampaged through the 200,000,000 mark! Nuking with a thunderous atomic hit of 200,100,000 million at the box office! A smashing success without a doubt! On the flipside of things, the film has grossed over 300,000,000 million internationally thanks to Japan! Officially crossing us over the big 500,000,000 mark!!!

Big nod to Scifi Japan for the major heads up on the domestic gross! (Since these numbers won't be updated until tomorrow afternoon)

It's been a long time coming, as expressed before, fans wanted this film to be a success, a success that one bring about a new era for the Godzilla franchise.
And as of today, we face that reality! The road was unsure, and no doubt, there were doubters who believed the film wouldn't even cross the marks that it destroyed today. Truth be told, I've never followed a movie's box office before, this was my first time. And I'm not going to lie, praying that GODZILLA had a great box office was pretty stressful on me at times, because you never know when the train will stop. And before the end, you always wanted it to be deemed a great box office, both domestically and internationally, with a worldwide acknowledgement.

But here we are, with our passion and support, and in the end, it has made GODZILLA 2014 a smashing success! From here on out, everything that comes is simply gravy. And you can bet yourself that I will still be updating the box office thread until the very end. Now then, let's ride this out until the last roar!


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GODZILLA(2014) Has Stomped Over 500,000,000 Worldwide At The Box Office
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