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 TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO

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TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO Empty
PostSubject: TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO   TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 6:30 pm

Terrorok(Predator of Old)
TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO Terrorok_official_character_sheet_by_boogie209-d7t77hq
Height: 100 Meters
Wingspan: 210 Meters
Mass: 48,000 tons

Appearance: Terrorok is an ancient gargoyle-like creature with a firm saurian likeness. His build consists of moderate bulk, which enables him for powerful takes of flight, while also enabling him to engage in hand to hand brawling should he ever find himself grounded in a fight. In other characteristics, Terrorok has massive bat-like wings, wings capable of creating typhoons while also sharp enough to cut through steel and bone. Although as a connection to his wings is the sail upon his tail, regulating wind currents to allow better agility when in flight. His skin consist of tan-ish brown, while having dark stone grey colors. His eyes gleam of faded green coloration, with a golden glowing pupil. Upon his head settles a crowning crest, although the most defined feature is his extendable neck, as it can produce devastating results when Terrorok is within close-range combat.

Personality: Terrorok is viewed as a strange monster, mostly due to the fact that it is hard to read and understand. Terrorok is a fairly mute kind of creature, it mostly does not shriek nor does it howl, nearly a beast of silence with the life of a statue. Even his body language to a certain extent is mute, as his behavior is fairly stoic to the point that it becomes difficult to gauge what the beast might do next, or could be thinking of.

This makes Terrorok a frightening force to face against, added with his incredibly agility and overwhelming speed, this provides the creature with an atmosphere of lethal unpredictability during combat. An extremely territorial monster with the aggression of a towering hurricane, with his predatory instincts and blazing hunger, Terrorok is deemed as a terror of relentless destruction. And should he be pushed beyond his limits, the lifeless statue shall bellow cries of earth shattering fury.

But when feeling enraged or provoked, Terrorok will extend out his wing, readying him for fatal or crippling assaults against his opponent with his claw tipped wings. His assault will not stop until his target is either dead, or until he feels that enough punishment has been ravaged.

Abilities/Powers: Extendable Neck, Sharp Beak, Razor Talons, Claw Tipped Wings, Can Create Typhoon Winds, Flight at Mach 4, Can emit a devastating thunderclap by breaking the sound barrier with his wings. Capable of regenerating by keeping out of sunlight. Can emit a ray of light from its eyes that can turn organic matter into stone(Although depending on how strong the organism is, the effects can either by fatal or temporary. If the organism is weak, they will be turned to stone completely. If they are strong enough, the stone effect can be broken.)

Origins: Terrorok is a unique yet strange monster, a bat-like saurian creature theorized to being an aggressively mutated species of the Rhamphorhynchidae family. However with its biology sharing a close structure relative to bats, it's unknown as to what Terrorok could exactly be. It's unknown how such a beast could come to be, however with its presence estimated to being around the age of Gormaru's prehistoric timeline. It's believed that Terrorok's advanced state is a by product of the Earth's unstable environment within that specific era. Despite Terrorok having been dormant for millions of years, the presence of its kind has been passed down through the mythology of numerous civilizations, with some believing that ultimately, it lead to the myth creation of gargoyles.

Deep within the base caverns of a mountain remained a historic foundation. A tunneled system of ancient homes and artifacts. And near the end of it, rested an ancient chamber, everything once belonging to a long forgotten civilization driven underground. A mining and waste dump operation was performed by the hands of humanity. Their attempt to poorly rid away hazardous radioactive waste from the aftermath of the war had soon produced a new terror onto the horizon. With their presence and operations, causing a collapse in structure within areas around the chamber. Giving forth to a large gaping hole from the surface above, which gave way towards the light of the moon. Its light bathing upon what appeared to be a massive boulder with pulsing veins. It was none other than the earth crusted organic cocoon of Terrorok! Mutated heavily by the waste dump program!

Growing in mass and strength from the rays of the illuminating moon, Terrorok tore from his dark prison, killing thousands of innocence in his wake. Terrorok soon ravaged the coast of Osaka, blasting everything away with his powerful wings until there was nothing left. His instincts settled upon the territorial act of destroying the scurrying ants below him. However, soon Terrorok found his path locked against the revived fury of Gormaru, Atomic Horror of the Deep!

The gamma radiated monstrosity drawn to the presence of the radioactive waste dump, and the stirring of another monster trespassing through his claimed territory. Within a thunderous battle, both behemoths clashed within an epic battle, one that stormed from the cities of Osaka all the way out to the roaring sea. Ultimately the battle was decided once the coming of dawn glowed upon the horizon, its glaring sunlight threatening to weaken and force Terrorok into another earthly stone vessel of dormancy should he not escape in time.

The predator of old, having endured grueling injuries, decided to abandon the fight, focusing only upon the instinctive act of self preservation. Gormaru on the other hand, did not register the same instincts, for the enraged horror still demanded the ravages of their battle. Since such an event, Terrorok has ruined multiple cities, but is surprisingly obscured and almost rarely seen by surviving human eyes. Especially during the day should the sun remain clear in the sky. During cloudy and non-sun dominated days however, destruction can be found. Reports from people lucky enough to survive the beast's wake have documented multiple sightings and events. Each time, the winged monster is reported to be growing larger and more powerful. It's unclear what future awaits mankind as their skies become ruled by a destructive force of nature, all that is known for certain is that whenever the dusk of night begins to fall: Run, don't look up, and stay low.


This one took some major time to pull off because building a powerful winged monster isn't as simple or as easy as it sounds lol
But I didn't want just that, I wanted this one to mirror the aspects of looking agile, firmly bulked, yet had a build that was powerful looking
like a Gargoyle. And that was what I drew most of my creative build from, Gargoyles, although with several aspects of saurian traits tossed
into the mix! None the less, Garagoyles are the main foundation for Terrorok!

As you can tell, I added some unique personality to Terrorok, he's an odd kind of monster in a way that he's nearly unreadable like a statue at times. A nice nod to his Gargoyle foundation. I'm certain that, because of the destruction of Gormaru, and the stirring of other monsters, you might see more of Terrorok within the series during major battles! Aside from Gargoyles, for his 1950 inspiration, it was a mixture of The Giant Claw and Rodan.

TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO Tumblr_n3iob3P4Do1rl1vlfo1_1280
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TERROROK (The Predator of Old) BIO
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