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PostSubject: CATFISH: THE TV SHOW   Thu May 15, 2014 2:45 am

Might as well start a few threads of the shows that I love to enjoy and watch ^_^
Starting that off, CATFISH: THE TV SHOW

Online dating can be as beautiful and as rich as physical close-quarters dating, and despite things being long distance or digital any online relationship is just as real and just as true. But unlike that close distance dating, online dating can be sometimes incredibly tricky and deceitful, much more than most close distance relationships ought to be from time to time.

Yes, while this has been going on for years, CATFISH The Movie really held a massive magnifying glass to this aspect of relationships and online dating, exposing it to a massive border audience. In truth it was a seeking-love story meld with online dating, it was never to expose the negative aspect of online relationships. But it really opens the mind to that aspect, you almost feel sympathy when you realize how many others are in online relationships, specifically those with a catfish. Because it has that deceitful nature stringed around it. But you still realize that some of those catfish relationships, the catfish themselves aren't trying to be bad, horrible, or well..Deceitful. They too seek out love and a happy ending like everyone else in the world. It just happened to be built up from lies than honest truth. But even when that happens, sometimes a relationship still bloom once both distance lovers are brought together. Or even when the truth is out and talked through.

Catfish the TV Show really exposes this side to us, but it also exposes that negative side. The side in which a catfish can just be someone who wants to hurt you, ruin you, or just use you as meaningless entertainment at your expense. And while it provides interesting drama, it is a painful side none the less.

But the show tries to "find that light at the end of the tunnel", and I've enjoyed the first two seasons and I'm greatly enjoying the current third season. Although if there's one aspect I dislike in regards to several catfish, it's their excuses for doing the things they've done.

Yes, bullying can leave some intense trauma onto a person and have them become just as tormenting as the bully that bullied said person. But in most cases I've seen that card being played over and over, I do believe that some catfish are the result of bullying. But most catfish using that same card are just spouting empty excuses and false truths, "Bullying" is an easy scapegoat to use when you're cornered and caught on camera. Depending on the catfish and how much remorse they show for their actions, can I only believe them to some extent. But if they don't show any remorse or barely at all, and depending on how they confess, and why they did it..I don't buy their sad story. Because sometimes there are just bad people out there in the world. And they only feel bad or upset when the spotlight is on them.

The latest episode of Season 3 is one of those intense episodes in which I don't believe the catfish. Although surprisingly it is also the only episode that drives our main guys to their breaking points. I won't spoil anything, but it really is worth watching. Season 3 is looking to be pretty insane.


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