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PostSubject: Dragocoatl   Dragocoatl EmptySat May 10, 2014 2:22 pm

Name: Dragocoatl

Appearances (if any)-None at the moment
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Classification: Dark Vampiric  Dragon
Height: 83 meters
Length: 95 meters
Weight: 17,000 tons
Wingspan: 120 meters
Speed: Mach 5

1. Dark Fire: Dragocoatl has the ability to see a ball of dark fire that does not go out until its enemy is dead or the surrounding area is reduced to rumble. (This attack is based of Itachi's attack from Naruto)
2. Screech: Dragocoatl will unleash a high pitch sonic blast that causing pain to everything that hears and a monster could lose it's hearing. The screech can go for miles and it even be heard underwater.

1. Scales: His scales are stronger then most of his race, making him harder to kill. They help him take a pounding without him actually taking damage.
2. Counter fire: He can create a blast that will use his opponents attack enegry against them. However using it will drain him of most of his enegry.

Passive :
1. Regeneration: He has somewhat strong regenerate however it takes a long time unlike most kaiju. Minors wounds heal quickly, major wounds take time to heal.
2. Vision: He has a keen vision that helps him in spot an enemy from a few miles away. It also works in conditions that would be hard on other kaiju.

Strengths: Areas where vision is bad for the enemy is good for him. He also does well in terrains thought impossible for his type. He likes environments like woods to it makes it easier to burn and drive the enemy. He is strong against insect type kaiju, dragons and elemental kaiju besides those of fire and ice.

Weaknesses: He cannot handle areas that have extreme heat or cold in them. Water also does not work for him as it weakens most of his powers but he will fight around it if he has to. The type of monsters he is weak against are cyborgs, monsters that use thunder, kaiju that are pure and use light and kaiju that use water.

History: Dragocoatl comes from the same planet that Grandora, however since he was banished, he survived the destuction of their home planet. He was banished due to his blood thirst which was not natural for their species. He does not care about anyone or anything. He has destroy many planets for his need. The only kaiju to actually beat him at any time was Grandora. He wants nothing more then to see Grandora dead, however he does not know if Grandora is dead or alive.

Appearance: Dragon like kaiju just like Grandora. Once had a bright color however its scales turned blood red/ darker color when he became totally corrupted. His eyes are completely black.

Personality/Fighting Style: Very dirty, doesn't care about the enemy. As he a complete animal it doesn't it matter what happens as long as he wins. Will use any dirty tactic to win. Will usually rush into battle without thinking, as he is not really smart.
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