Welcome to GORMARU ISLAND, an island hub that hosts a generally peaceful community of stability and order for all daikaiju fans who enjoy GODZILLA, GAMERA, ULTRAMAN, PACIFIC RIM, and any other monstrosities out there! The island is yours, come join us!
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PostSubject: FORUM RULES AND CONDUCT: PLEASE READ   Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:39 pm


-This is the general guideline of rules and conduct for GORMARU ISLAND, this is not just for the common sake of order, but it is also to make sure that you have a stable environment that will allow you to have a respectable and pleasant stay upon the island. The island isn't a place for just Gormaru, it's a place that all daikaiju fans or common fans of the genre could call their own.


-Be Respectful and Understanding to Your Fellow Member: We're all fans and community members here upon the island, and as such we must be kind and respectful to each other. There will be differences in opinions and that's fine, everyone is entitled to expressing themselves respectfully. In this regards it is expected that you are open and mature enough to accept one's opinion, even if it differs from your own. The first step in accepting another is to understand one another.

Don't Be Afraid To Express Yourself, Let Yourself Be Known. You're One of Us!: I know joining a community can be fun, exciting, and a wonderful interacting social experience. But it can also make you feel rather nervous or timid, don't be afraid to reach out to anyone here upon the island. You're graciously welcomed among friends! If you're an artist, show it to the entire community! If you're a fantasy writer, then let us read into your works! If you're a proud creator of a original kaiju then don't hold back in making it known! Heck, are you a fan of Kaiju Girls? Then don't be afraid to show it! Openness and Acceptance are one of the key qualities that we offer upon the island.

Help Out Any Member In Need: If you notice something off about a member, perhaps they posted something hard hitting within the MOTHRA's RELAX, RELEASE, AND VENT THREAD, or perhaps they need help with a project or need help in crafting out a work or art, or need help in crafting a original monster, then please reach out to them. One of the keys in building a strong community is to support one another, and be there for each other when one is in need of help. Offer advice, lend a helping hand, do everything in your capable hands in being a better person.



-No Flaming or Flame Baiting: Please do not commit in offensive acts against another member, this includes insults, flaming, slandering, and trolling. Even more so, do not commit in provoking a response through flame baiting. Any action of this and you will receive a strike marking, accumulate enough and you will be temporarily banned or permanently banned.

-NO CYBER-BULLYING: Cyber-Bullying or Bullying of any nature will not be tolerated upon the island, any member who engages in this act will be permanently banned. You will be given 24 hours to however change my mind and offer your side of the story. If I do not find your actions reasonable or even remotely understandable, then you will be banned. After the explanation, If I find the conflict resolvable then I will leave the provoker with a temporary ban. But should another act of bullying be made from the same provoker within a span of a month, even if it's toward a different member, then the offensive member will be permanently banned. Anyone who feels that they are being bullied then please PM me and I will handle it as quickly as possible.

Negativity is NOT Welcomed Upon the Island: There will be times of conflict, no place or community is truly out of its reach. But negativity, generally negativity forged from conflict, flaming, trolling, or even bullying among members of the community will not be tolerated. If you have any built up negativity from your life or the day and is not forged from any conflict relating to the community, and you need to vent, then please use MOTHRA's RELAX, RELEASE, AND VENT THREAD. If there's anything related to a community member then please do PM me, and I will work out the problem. As a whole the island is a place of peace, and stability with a peaceful balance is one of the highest priorities that is held here.

No Posting of Offensive Content: Posting offensive content or anything that can be regarded as offensive will result in 4 Strike Marks, leaving you one strike away from a one week temporary ban. Continuing to post any more offensive content will result in a six month ban. Engaging in this act once more upon your return will ultimately end in permanent banning. Content of any relation to insulting one's race, hateful provocation, or posting of porn, is grimly unacceptable and not tolerated. Mature likeness, no matter the form, is accepted in terms of art creations since it can be a form of creativity in art.(Yes, this means upon the island, we are maturely open minded and accepting, even to Kaiju-Girls. This also includes us accepting their nudity, so long as there's no creative form of engaged sex) But anything like porn(Such as the engaging physical acts of sex) is extremely forbidden and not allowed. So do know that there is a line and please be respectful of it.

NO SPAMMING: Please don't post spam within threads or their specific forums. Let's keep things well kept and orderly. Any spam or spamming of posts will be deleted.
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