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 VILENOC (The Venomous Terror) BIO

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VILENOC (The Venomous Terror) BIO Empty
PostSubject: VILENOC (The Venomous Terror) BIO   VILENOC (The Venomous Terror) BIO EmptyFri Apr 04, 2014 1:09 am

VILENOC (The Venomous Terror) BIO Vilenoc_by_boogie209_by_boogie209-d74d1p4

Vilenoc, The Venomous Terror
Height: 90 meters
Length: 160 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons

Powers/Abilities: Large pincers, Armored Exoskeleton, Can Burrow Underground, Cobra tail can poison prey through venomous bite, and also can blind prey by spraying acidic venom into their eyes. Cobra tail also has an extendable neck and can tightly constrict and deeply poison an opponent by wrapping itself around the prey and digging its body's fangs into it.

Appearance: Vilenoc is a behemoth black scorpion with the ending of a long body and head of a Black King Cobra serving as the tail and stinger. The scorpion equipped with massive golden pincers, and the Cobra with sharp fangs, and crimson fangs running along both sides of its black golden scaly body and hood. The scorpion(Vile) having red eyes, while the cobra(Noc) having blue eyes.

Personality: Despite being mind-controlled, the creature has enough resistance to seep out its true nature and personality. While both prefer having their own separate ways(And bodies), and usually clash from time to time, Vilenoc is a dangerous creature of sickening nature when they work together. But what makes him/them so dangerous isn't so much their toxic venom as to their unpredictable natures. Vile is generally more wild and vicious, doing everything he can to tear apart his prey with his pincers, very bold, and mindlessly straightforward. Noc on the other hand, is calm, collective, and patient when in battle. Serving mostly as a scout for spotting openings and weaknesses through instinctive observation. Only Striking when the perfect opportunity has been given. This makes Vilenoc extremely dangerous for with the rushing might of Vile and collective calmness of Noc makes two toxic forces into an even deadlier being.

Origin: Vilenoc is an ancient Egyptian God, an entirety that embodies Pestilence and War in a single form. They were worshiped throughout multiple generations, fed thousands of sacrifice, and indulged in numerous praise of horrific fear. And in turn, Vilenoc would spare them of their wrath, spare from illness and war. It wasn't until throughout a secret ritual that Vilenoc was sealed away within a built prison chamber, his worshipers and their praise of fear no longer reign, starving the God until his extinction. The world was safe from the terrifying ravages of Vilenoc! Or at least, they were, unlike the present.

Revived by the masterful scientific mind of Dr. Zaros, a man obsessed with Egyptian culture, Egyptian mythology, science, and is a exiled reject of the humanity's community. Before his fall, Zaros was one of the brightest in the world, his entire foundation built upon  brain wave manipulation development and fossilization restoration. Decades of scientific achievements had made Dr. Zaros a mind like no other. However such a mind had imperfections, during his imbalanced youth within a life of rejection and suffering, he deeply enjoyed the grasp of power in either ending a life, or restoring one from the grasp of death. He would do this with several animals in acts of cruelty, very much like how his past bullies and peers would act onto him. Always driving the feeling that they could either end or spare his life, and any choice they made of their will they can easily redirect and change it simply because they could. Like a Pharaoh, no, like a God. This trauma lead to the success of his scientific achievements, brain wave manipulation and fossilization restoration. However, society and the scientist community still rejected the strange scientist, but were more than accepting enough to take his intelligence for their own gain. While many saw bright futures and possibilities, Dr. Zaros saw his advancement to power, in becoming a Pharaoh, a complete God in human skin. He controlled the acts of life and death, and could manipulate the life he generously gave. However, Dr. Zaros wanted 'completion', he wanted everything under his power, to make everything his own as any real Pharaoh would. If he had such power, there would be no more pain, no more rejection, not for him, not for anyone like him. Everything would seem right. But where? Where would he find that next step? And upon his studies in searching for that power through the historic pages of Egyptian myth and cultural findings, Dr. Zaros stumbled upon his answer. An answer that not even the world itself knew of.

Taking vacation leave upon a self-given expedition to the land of Egypt on the falsely fed grounds of studying Egyptian culture, finding mummified remains, and digging up animal fossils. The world was blindfold by Dr. Zaros's lie, perfectly kept away from his true intentions. Throughout his entire life Zaros was extremely keen on Egyptian mythology, and the mighty Legend of Vilenoc even at the age of six poisoned his core. Beyond the tale of the mighty beast's power, from his first expedition to Egypt to gather fossilized remains to test his fossilization restoration, Zaros accidentally traveled too far out within the underground chambers beneath the pyramids. Soon enough Dr. Zaros found that each pyramid within the area served as a lock that sealed off a massive chamber centered beneath them. He did not know what to make of it, nor could have fathom whatever was sealed away from the world, but he desired to know. Keeping it to himself, Zaros continued onward with his life, having hidden away his discovery and eventually placing it aside in thought as his success grew more larger throughout the years. But with his return in the dark need of becoming a God and punishing those who wronged him, Dr. Zaros had thoroughly prepared for the fated day.

Having a degree in learning Egyptian language over the years and returning back to the locks, Dr. Zaros deciphered a series of commands that released the locks, and at the end of his efforts he was rewarded with the fossilized findings of the venomous monstrosity of ancient legend, Vilenoc! To have such a creature brought back to life, no, even better to have it under his control, such power at his command and the possibilities before him would be endless! Even the possibility of vengeance against his fellow man and commanding complete domination as the world's rightful Pharaoh. Using his Fossilization Restoration engineering, in a matter of days, flesh grew over bone, tissue over organs, and skin over muscles. Two weeks later, grim sightings of a terrifying monster ravaging nearby villages and town made headlines upon news broadcasts. Dr. Zeros had achieve another success, a success like no other, he revived the terrifying Vilenoc, and with the advancements of his brain wave technology the beast's power was now his own. With an onslaught of destruction and revenge upon the table, is there any force that can stop Dr. Zaros's grasp from sinking into the world? Perhaps the wrath of the Atomic Horror of the Deep will be more than a match!
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VILENOC (The Venomous Terror) BIO
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