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 Haiburiddo no Kyōfu

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PostSubject: Haiburiddo no Kyōfu    Haiburiddo no Kyōfu  EmptySun Apr 20, 2014 11:39 pm

Name: Haiburiddo no Kyōfu
Story Appearances: Ultraman Lance :New Nightmare
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Classification: Experimental hybrid
Height: 130 meters
Length: 125 meters
Mass: 250,000 tons
Wingspan: N/A
Maximum Flight Speed: N/A



Beam: Due to the cells of the dark generals being used to help create him, (see history for more information) Haiburiddo has gained a beam of his own. When he's about to use it certain parts of his shell will glow like Godzilla's dorsal fins. The beam itself is capable of doing a massive amount of damage to a city or the other monster that he is fighting against.

Venom: He uses venom if he gets a lucky strike in on them either it be a bite or his tongue. This also works if he can get through his enemies natural armor. Instead of killing like it should it will weaken the opponent giving Haiburrido the chance to attack. However he can only use this attack five times in battle before he runs out and he has to wait for it to replenish.


Shell- His shell is that of looks a turtle shell mixed with scales of several reptile species in it however crocodile makes a lot of it, making him almost like a moving fortress. He can also to this to slam into enemies. Though it is extremely strong, it does have a weak point somewhere and if an attack hits that weak point, it can do some damage to his body. But finding the weak point is going to be a hard thing to do.


Regeneration: Haiburiddo has remarkable regeneration capabilities because of his origin, he's able to heal most wounds within minutes if that. However more serious wounds take more time for him to heal. This also helps him in the case of his tail as if his tail is removed it grows back but only his tail due to the lizard blood in him.

Vision: Haiburrido no Kyōfu has two sets of visions that he uses, the first one is the normal vision which let's him see as others normal kaiju do. That is if his enemies cannot be seen in his other vision . The other is inferred vision like that of snakes that lets him see the body heat of his enemies to help find them.

History: Haiburiddo no Kyōfu was created by a rouge group for scientific testing. However due to the fact that the mixed reptilian dna with kaiju and that of the dark generals which they didn't know. This mixture caused it to become unstable and corrupted. Later on the creature had on taken more of its lower class counterpart dna aka the reptiles in it causing to start hunting humans. After a few months the kaiju dna kicks in and caused him to go full grown and is now a completely destructive hybrid. The M.A.S and Recon Unit consider him to be just another space demon. Haiburiddo no Kyōfu means hybrid of terror in Japanese.

Appearance: Haiburiddo has a tail that of a python. His back which shell with scales of a crocodile infused in it giving it it's strength. His legs are that of a chameleon and his arms are alligator related. A Komodo dragon makes up his head and any other parts of his body that I made have forgotten. This appearance is what gives Haiburriddo no Kyōfu his name.

Personality/Fighting Style: Haiburiddo is a very dirty fighter, he will not hesitate to fight anyone or anything that gets in his way while hunting. He will fight to the death if it means he gets to kill something. Though he is quick to battle he is not stupid, he will first try to figure out his opponent before attacking, unless attacked first.
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Haiburiddo no Kyōfu  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Haiburiddo no Kyōfu    Haiburiddo no Kyōfu  EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 6:29 am

Haiburrido sounds like a rather excellent reptilian chimera type kaiju, you know, you don't see a lot of people using the scientific rogue/terrorist angle in this day and age of creativity. You read it from time to time, but it's not exactly a source that has been overexerted. But your monster has that creativity! So thumbs up!

Plus your creature's personality sounds very interesting, a dirty fighter, haven't encountered any kaiju that supported that kind of style since....Well, Gabara from Godzilla's Revenge (Although in that film it's pretty clear why Gabara acts and fights like that lol) Nice touch!
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Haiburiddo no Kyōfu
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