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 30 Day Kaiju Art Challenge

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30 Day Kaiju Art Challenge Empty
PostSubject: 30 Day Kaiju Art Challenge   30 Day Kaiju Art Challenge EmptyFri Apr 18, 2014 4:31 pm

Recently, when I was playing around with the idea of trying to do the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge, I started thinking... why isn't there a 30 Day Kaiju Challenge? So, I decided to create one! Here's some simple rules:

Artists must draw a kaiju a day, for 30 days, to the best of their abilities [they can also do several kaiju on the same day, then just take a brake during the "spare" days they have]. The 30 categories were developed by me, and hopefully represent a nicely progressive challenge for artists participating in it...

Biped Saurian Kaiju
Quadruped Saurian Kaiju

Flying Kaiju [doesn't matter if it uses wings or jets, as long as flight is the most central element of the design!]
Burrowing Kaiju
Insect Kaiju
Arachnid Kaiju
Amphibious Kaiju
Aquatic Kaiju
Blob Kaiju
Plant Kaiju
Kaiju Abomination
[this has to be a malformed, mutated kaiju, something hideous, even by kaiju standards!]
Undead Kaiju
Transforming Kaiju Early stage forms
[can show a maximum of three alt forms together, but they all have to be the same kaiju in different forms]
Transforming Kaiju Final Form!
Mystical Kaiju
Alien Kaiju
Mecha Kaiju
Mammalian Kaiju

Cyborg Kaiju [doesn't matter if it's another alien, as long as it's obviously at least 50% machine!]
Baby Kaiju
Superhero Kaiju
Supervillain Kaiju

Yokai Kaiju [A kaiju directly inspired by a creature from Japanese mythology, like an Oni, Kappa, Tengu, etc.]
Legendary Kaiju [something from mythology, a "real-world" kaiju, so to speak!]
Favorite Kaiju Type [any type of kaiju not already on this list, or just another version of one of the archetypes above!]
Favorite Kaiju Character [For this one, I'll be expecting someone besides Godzilla, King Kong, or Gamera... but it's okay if do choose one of them!]
A Truly Beautiful Kaiju [Anything that should look beautiful from anyone else's perspective, doesn't matter if it's a living cathedral or a giant naked woman...  ]
Group of Kaiju Combiners [They can be organic, magical, mechanical, or whatever, as long as they look like they go together!]
Kaiju Combined! [Must be kaiju from the previous challenge!]
Celebrate Kaiju Eiga!!!

Comment if you have any thoughts on improving this challenge. And who knows, while we're at it, maybe we should consider doing a 30 Day Kaiju Girl Challenge as well?!
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30 Day Kaiju Art Challenge
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