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 KRAKULOCH (Ravager of the Seven Seas)

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KRAKULOCH (Ravager of the Seven Seas) Empty
PostSubject: KRAKULOCH (Ravager of the Seven Seas)   KRAKULOCH (Ravager of the Seven Seas) EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 4:19 am

Krakuloch, Ravager of the Seven Seas!
Height: 110 Meters
Weight: 90,000 Tons
Gender: Unknown Due to Aggressive Mutation(Although it may be both Female and Male)

Abilities/Powers: Large Claw, Massive Electric Eel Tentacle, Symbiotic Horse Crab Shell, Electric Bio-Coral Reefs, Adaptive Swimmer, Can Spit a Corrosive Oil-Ink Fog. Can self generate raging thunderstorms and typhoons, has the ability to absorb and manipulate electric energy, has limited bio-regeneration, and It can also Asexually Reproduce.

Weakness: While Krakuloch has a biological resistance to radiation and blunt force attacks process due to its mutation in the form of bio-regeneration. However, its body has a limit to how much it can withstand. Meaning it can still be damaged and even killed if the amount of power and force are too overwhelming for its regeneration to handle. It can only regenerate from grim injuries 3 times a day, it speaks that though Krakuloch is a unstoppable powerhouse, such a formidable god still has mortality drawbacks.

Personality: Krakuloch is classified as that of the biblical flood from the Bible, and the keeper of Davy Jones Locker. If you conjure its wrath, you're at fault of a great penalty, and chances are high that you're going to be joining the wreckage of a watery grave. Despite wielding the fury of a stormy cataclysm, Krakuloch within a certain sense, isn't entirely a monstrosity of evil. It's a destroyer of humanity, but also a guardian of the seven seas, while it can mutually accept the existences of others who live across or use its waters. Should you attempt to invade, pollute, or ruin its home, should you pose as any extreme danger to his world. Than death and destruction will follow accordingly.

Origin Overview: Throughout the historic pages of mankind, the frightening tales of the Kraken had remain infamous for countless centuries. It is claimed that the beast would appear during the darkest storms, and with a mighty fury, sink down its prey with horrible tentacles that were the size of mountains. Its wrath stemming from the injustice of mankind ruling over its seven seas, stealing that which was its own to protect and rule.

After numerous massacres, with mankind relinquishing their false dominance over the watery void, the beast disappeared. Leaving early man to believe that the beast's vengeance had been quenched. With peace restored through a presumed understanding of mutual co-existence between ocean and man, humanity continued to live on. Gradually forgetting their blood tainted lesson, and reverting back to their ways of greed-filled conquest. Forward to the aftermath of World War II, humanity rests well deserved from the global conflict. With war over, hazardous materials of war were dumped within various locations unknown to the public. One of those places being the Pacific Ocean.

The "Kraken" while a myth in itself, was based upon a real monstrosity that lurked beneath the watery void. It wasn't until the constant pollution dumping of nuclear waste, was the terror reawakened and unleashed onto the world above. Mutated with the bodies of other sea life creatures, the "Kraken" was reborn as mankind's Frankenstein monster. With the lost of its home, its oceans, while forsaken to a fate of horrible man-made Hell. The treaty of co-existence between ocean and mankind was thus destroyed. It was then decided, like a biblical cleansing flood of destruction, that man was to be crushed out of reality!

Through the might of tidal waves, monstrous storms, and blazing thunder. The beast newly dubbed "Krakuloch" had decimated humanity from its endless seas. One by one his wrath gave forth the retaking of his many watery kingdoms. However during the spur of mankind's destruction, mankind's arrogance in fighting back against Krakuloch lead to the revival of Gormaru! Instinctively, in the pursuit of more radioactive fuel, Gormaru made a path of carnage as it hunted down its remaining lesser sibling "Fat Boy". The remaining Atomic Bomb that was relocated to Hawaii and placed into storage after Japan's surrender upon the decimation of their homeland by the might of Gormaru.

Having sensed such a ominous horror invade its territories, Krakuloch sought the end of its formidable intruder. Storming through the watery void until finally meeting Gormaru face to face within the bay of Honolulu, Hawaii. There ensued a colossal battle of towering devastation! Mighty giants of ancient wrath locked in mortal combat, their war destroying the surrounding structures of man, while ending the lives of thousands within their wake. Mankind held the hope of both monsters killing each other, however fate crushed such hope as Gormaru, Atomic Horror of the Deep was favored the surviving victor. Krakuloch, Ravager of the Seven Seas was no more, all that remained was pure atomic horror. Horror that made the world tremble for the reign of Gormaru had once again resumed!

However unknowingly to the world and Gormaru, deep within the watery void of the Atlantic Ocean concealed within the burial of sunken ships remained a monstrous egg. An egg of unfathomable terror. The legend of Krakuloch lived on!!

Behold Krakuloch, the first adversary of Gormaru! You read correctly, the first opponent that Gormaru battles within the GORMARU Series. This was a pretty tough process to dive into, generally because while creating a monster can be easy at times, creating a memorably creative adversary can be difficult. Not only does it have to be well crafted, it has to be able to stand out in contrast to your main character. Even more so, it has to be a brutal challenge and not just a push over. Because in a way, within a certain sense, the first enemy is like a preview sample of the rest of the upcoming line up. So you have to think big, but in fair amounts to pace yourself.

Krakuloch was born from my desire to create another monster abomination like Vilenoc. But this time, it was geared towards the creative inspiration of a Frankenstein Monster. For a 1950 kick, I watched a cable viewing of 1955 "It Came From Beneath The Sea", to which I decided that while Frankenstein was going to be my concept foundation, Sea Monsters were going to be my main ingredients. Ultimately after numerous trials and errors, I finally birth the nightmare of my monster! Which is the monstrosity you see before you! And yes, despite the death of the original Krakuloch, the next generation of Krakuloch(Which will sport the same design and color) will carry the torch of its predecessor and remain within the series. Very Happy

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KRAKULOCH (Ravager of the Seven Seas)
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