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 HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive)

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HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive) Empty
PostSubject: HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive)   HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive) EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 4:16 am

HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive) Haibuu__queen_of_the_deadly_hive___by_boogie209-d8v5278
Haibuu, Queen of the Deadly Hive!
Height: 140 Meters
Length: 165 Meters
Mass: 210,000 Tons
Gender: Female

Appearance: Haibuu's exterior greatly emulates that of a insect like creature, one with a beastly structure that nearly mirrors that of an ape. Well armored with a thick mutated exoskeleton, Shoulder-Hive Chambers, Armored Rector Forearms, and a powerful Spiked Tail. Haibuu is a glowing towering force of infused Gamma Radiation that overshadows the competition with crushing mass.

Powers/Abilities: Can Generate Nuke Shockwaves with Armored Gamma Reactor Forearms, Hive-Chambers That Can Unleash 150 Haibuu-Soldiers, Can Spray Thick Wax Fluid From Mouth, Able to Burrow, Can Reproduce More Haibuu-Soldiers Upon Absorbing Enough Nuclear Radiation. Thick Exoskeleton Armor with Spiked Tail.

Personality: Haibuu is a living hive-mind. Food, reproduction, and expansion are all that matters. Like tyrannical royalty, Haibuu does not want just a piece of the pie to live off of, she wants the whole thing! Through the instincts of survival, Haibuu views everything as either conquest for her Hive or a challenger to destroy. Haibuu enjoys great challenge for it only serves as a fearful message to all that her might is absolute. Should she enjoy herself, Haibuu will leave her challenger barely alive, allowing her victim to exist as a living message that will tell the word to never oppose her reign.

Should a challenge deem itself too great, she will automatically declare it a high level threat, and will do everything in her power to destroy it. If her hive is at risk of being destroyed by her challenger, she will retreat to ensure their survival. Moving on to another place to take over as their replacement territory. While Haibuu never backs down from a challenge, her hive comes first. Once they are out of harm's way, only then will she return onto the battlefield to finish what was started. While Haibuu's wrath is unbiased, the Queen holds extreme hatred towards Gormaru. Due to both species being predatory rivals of the same ecosystem from the Earth's core, with Haibuu's kind fated as prey in Nature's chain, the Queen detests the Atomic Horror with great aggression. However despite their ancient war, the Queen holds a small grain of respect for Gormaru, for at least he's a force that is freed to roam, while she must be a weapon chained to humanity's bidding. But in due time, when the time is right such chains will be broken, and mankind will soon tremble in waking terror as the Queen conquers the world from all places!

Origin Overview:
After the Manhattan Project aka Gormaru had left Hiroshima in utter ruins, the aftermath left mankind's history with eternal scars. The destruction, the terrible body-count, and now future generations of people forever deformed by the curses of Gamma Radiation. To the world, this was felt as immortal horror. Germany's surviving Nazi forces were fearfully impressed by such power, however such power was better useful in the hands of forces capable of creation and destruction. Envisioning a world of peace ruled over by absolute control, an era without suffering, without war and conflict, the terrorist organization dubbed HAVEN was brought into existence. Their sole purpose being to bring salvation to the world through mankind's destruction, to build the foundation a new world order.

But the organization needed power, the rampage of Gormaru pointed to them that despite being fascinated by such a creature, that their new world had no place for him. Gormaru had to be destroyed at all costs. What HAVEN needed was a Gormaru of their very own, a force capable of destroying anything in its wake. They needed their own "Manhattan Project"!

Recovery Squads were deployed to Gormaru's impact site in secret within Hiroshima, studying remnants of the monster's warpath. From the rubble strange parasitic spores clinging to fragments of Gormaru scales were gathered and brought back. Many of them were destroyed except three which while cracked, were still almost perfectly intact.

Through several tests the organization had soon discovered prehistoric organisms inside for they soon tore away from their spores. Two were smaller in size but with large wings, while the other was noticeably larger but with tiny wings. Two were male, while the third one was female. It was then decided that the creatures in their cages were going to be their "Manhattan Project". With well planted espionage and gruesome interrogation of kidnapped officials that operated on the American's Manhattan Project, HAVEN were capable of gathering the development phases, and critical intel needed for their plans. For better survival rates, numerous experiments were conducted to enhance their ancient biology, to prepare for their Manhattan Project dubbed "OPERATIONS-Crimson Dusk".

Soon after months of preparations the final phase was ready to begin. The drop of "Ragnarok-00Z" a Gamma Nuke that had twice the nuclear power as the Manhattan Project was ready for use.

Upon finding a remote location from human eyes within the summit of Watterwandeck, the creatures were positioned with Ragnarok-00Z being flown in above the area. However, just before the bomb was dropped the two males took off into the skies, their senses picking up the surfacing of Gormaru near Europe. After locating and viciously engaging the Atomic Horror, the two mortally wounded males returned back to the female. Carrying sacs full of Gormaru's gamma radiated DNA. With all three together again, "Ragnarok" was dropped on top of them, however before the moment of impact both males injected their chosen Queen with Gormaru's DNA into her body.

After the dust had settled from the bombing, both males had died, their wounded bodies unable to endure the scorching Hell. However their Queen had survived, and her royal form was horrifically changed. Mutated from overloads of Gamma Radiation and samples of Gormaru's DNA, the Queen was able to endure "Ragnarok" only to emerge as a living fortress of planetary destruction!!

Engaging their creation within unexpected field-tests, their weapon showed extreme promise! A creature of instinct and power, one capable of reproducing her own Hive, and with her colony, dominate the most fearsome of battles with strength and numbers. The more their weapon progressed, as did her instincts for territory, challenge, and conquest. The result of all of this only produced an inevitable fate.

In the end, "OPERATIONS-Crimson Dusk" was deemed a terrifying success by HAVEN, and with brain-wave devices that allowed them to control their weapon the organization soon proceeded with their plans for world domination. Unknowingly to them however, their beastly creation who would be later dubbed "HAIBUU" had the exact same idea. The difference? Humanity wasn't in the picture, and Gormaru the rival of their species was simply a memory. For in the wake of her reign sided by her swarming Hive of Haibuu-Soldiers, the empire of HAIBUU will rise and conquer the world from all places!
Introducing the second Female Monster of my GORMARU series, HAIBUU! Queen of the Deadly Hive!! Bow to your beastly highness!! This one took a LOT of energy to stitch together, but it's well worth it!

Haibuu is generally a huge juggernaut monster, one that can greatly rival Gormaru in power and strength. And speaking of rivals, I figured that I make Haibuu an ecosystem rival of Gormaru. Whenever there are animals or creatures of any kind, there's a food chain, and that chain is generally linked to the structure of an ecosystem. Haibuu is a unique species of its own existence, but she comes from the same ancient mysterious ecosystem that Gormaru originated from. Both species are ancient rivals of each other similar to the Cobra and Mongoose. By building this thread of development between both monsters, it gives these creatures an interesting field of depth.

Ruina was the first female monster. A protector of humanity! When creating my next female monster, I wanted her to be monstrous, powerful, challenging! I wanted her to have the cruelty of a tyrant, but with the force of an endless army. Like a stormy tidal wave that can't be avoided or stopped! So eventually, I came to the conclusion of having a Hive/Swarm-based Monster. A monster that can make waves of chaos and be almost anywhere at the same time should it spread far enough. A planetary beast of global devastation! My light 1950 inspiration for this beauty monster of mine was from the 1954 movie "THEM", which surprisingly is a fairly decent monster movie!

My next female monster will be coming up in due time, with Ruina being a force of good, Haibuu being one of evil, the next female monster will potentially be chaotic neutral! (Also I tried a different art-style! I was somewhat "Seasonal Sick" when doing it, but for someone who didn't use Manga-Studio this time. Not too shabby!)

HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive) Tumblr_n3iob3P4Do1rl1vlfo1_1280
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HAIBUU, (Queen of the Deadly Hive)
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