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 ZSABORFANG (The Fury of Time's Past)

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PostSubject: ZSABORFANG (The Fury of Time's Past)   ZSABORFANG (The Fury of Time's Past) EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 4:13 am

Name: Zsaborfang(The Fury of Time's Past)
Height: 80 Meters
Length: 120 Meters
Weight: 70,000 tons

Powers/Abilities: Razor Bone Plated Jaws, (Manipulative)Armored Fang Blades, Skeletal Shoulder Plates, Piercing Claws, Skeletal Regeneration,
and resistant to cold temperatures

Personality: Zsaborfang is a force of instinct, while destruction does follow where his wake rampages off to, he is not something that can be categorized as entirely Good or Evil. No matter the circumstances, his actions are usually driven out of instinctive necessity and not want. Unless intense provocation is in play, than his actions will shift.

Despite the chaos Zsaborfang creates, his colors show that he is a prideful beast, viewing himself as his own pack and as his own alpha. One with a blazing bravery that never wavers even when against the scope of terrifying odds. Surrender and retreat are things not instinctively common to him, for he will fight until his life gives way, or until whatever opposing forces can no longer stand against him. While having an enormous sense of pride, he is capable of swallowing it down in bitterness. Should he endure defeat, or be forced to acknowledge that his power alone is not enough to stop another foe, and in turn must team-up with allies to get the job done. Zsaborfang will indeed place it aside, temporarily of course. Although the most interesting details are from numerous reports documenting that, while he prefers being alone, he has been sighted in somewhat co-existing with one monster. Namely, and perhaps the most shocking monster identified, to being Gormaru. Which leaves the minds of human kind baffled given their numerous battles and feuds against one another.

Origin Overview: Deep within the South Pacific upon an uncharted island that had yet to be discovered by mankind, a nuclear bomb testing dubbed the "Operation: NOVA" was conducted. Its purpose, to create a bio-weapon that humanity could use against the monstrosities around the world. The testing location was perfect, there was an abundance of jungle and wildlife to obscure the operation's presence. And with the testing being conducted within the landscape of a frozen wasteland high into the icy mountains, the effects of NOVA would be well maintained. Unfortunately, the results, while promising, it did not bring a future of salvation. Instead, it revived the fury of the ancient past: Zsaborfang

Having been thawed from his arctic tomb by the ravages of man's arrogance, Zsaborfang's prehistoric rage was unleashed upon the vulnerable world of human kind. The built facilities within the mountains conducting the tests, in mere minutes, were torn asunder by the wrath of powerful jaws and death reaping fangs. The world in this titan's eyes were insects daring to cease his existence, to crush him like the other tyrants who crumbled across the land so many eons ago. Although times had changed, Zsaborfang sensed that the present had remained the same as the past. New challengers, old nuisances, same insects. All of them, always trying to dominate the food-chain. A place he rightfully claimed for himself. With this intolerance blazing across his world, the fury of Zsaborfang was fiercely echoed in roaring challenge to all adversaries, promising the ruling of his reign and his approaching march!

Presenting the fury of time's past, Zsaborfang! As I've stated before within my journals regarding my monster series, each monster will be distinct and unique! In this case, when crafting Zsaborfang, I felt that the kaiju genre had very little mammal representation. Even more so with prehistoric mammals. In this case, Zsaborfang's creation was inspired by Lost Continent(1951), but his structure, design, and overall foundation was inspired by the Sabortooth tiger! Although, however, there is also more of a emotional investment, a past inspiration from a lost friend of mine.

Of course, any plain giant Sabortooth tiger would be dull, and to an extent wouldn't be much of challenge. Especially when considering that the roster consists of a gamma mutated monster, a venomous scorpion cobra, a powerful abominable yeti, and much more challenging monstrosities. So I made Zsaborfang into a monster that was greatly equipped for battle with fang blades and plated skeletal armor! Despite operation NOVA, Zsaborfang is not entirely a mutated life-form, the only influence the operation did have, was give Zsaborfang a huge increase in size, mass, strength, and moderate skeletal regeneration. But beyond that, the creature before you is all natural! Which leaves a hint of mystery as to how such a creature could come into existence. And how its biology could develop into such a state. Very Happy

Thus far, Hyo-Jin and Zsaborfang are the only two mammal-like monsters within the series. And given that Zsaborfang is resistant to extremely cold temperatures, leaves him as an interesting opponent for Hyo-Jin should they ever cross paths. Well, that's it for now. More monsters are on the way! Until then, give a warm welcome to the sabortooth tiger beast, Zsaborfang! ZSABORFANG(C)by Boogie209

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ZSABORFANG (The Fury of Time's Past)
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