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 A.G.A YAMATO-GEKIDO (The Anti-Gormaru Arsenal)

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A.G.A YAMATO-GEKIDO (The Anti-Gormaru Arsenal) Empty
PostSubject: A.G.A YAMATO-GEKIDO (The Anti-Gormaru Arsenal)   A.G.A YAMATO-GEKIDO (The Anti-Gormaru Arsenal) EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 4:10 am

YAMATO-GEKIDO(Anti Gormaru Arsenal)
Height: 100 Meters
Weight: 116,000 Tons

Abilities: Powerful Manipulative Arm Appendages with Hidden Missile Rockets Within Each Claw, Shielded with Multi-layer Nuclear Resistant Armor, Carries Manipulative Sonic Blades Within Each Arm, Is capable of combining the Sonic Blades into the Blade of Tosuka, and ignite it as a flammable weapon, Can Conduct and Discharge a Powerful Electric Ray from Its Horns, Capable of Flight at Mach 3.

Origin: After the rampage of Gormaru was temporarily ended by the Great Yamato battleship, gradually all over the world, monstrosities began to appear as soon as the Atomic Horror began to surface once more. It was decided upon the prime minister of Japan to begin a secret military organization to create defense weapons against such beasts to protect the nation. Thus was born Havoc Corps.

The Great Yamato battleship was deemed as a weapon too damaged and old to put back onto the field, and so it was implemented within a new weaponizing phase that would give mankind the edge in surviving their war against the monsters. Through advanced engineering and the scientific minds of Havoc Corps's Assault Defense Research Facility, the Mecha-behemoth code named YAMATO 0.2 was placed into production. Taking half a decade to craft together, and nearly pushing Japan's economy to utter non-existence, every single member of the organization laid their last ounce of hope into their mechanical salvation.

Eventually, the savior of Japan was born into the world, an utter success from its production and development: YAMATO-GEKIDO

Using a bio-mechanical system with nerve and mental computer components YAMATO became a bio-mechanical war machine. Within its inner chamber, a cockpit like vessel known as the "Center" was created. The place where the human-host pilot of YAMATO would reside within and control the mecha, serving similarly as the heart and brain of it. Unfortunately, numerous hosts fatally proved to being incompatible, each one dying from the intense strain of merging their nerve system with the machine's, and not having a strong enough will to mentally control it. As a result, YAMATO-GEKIDO was deemed a failure and locked away into secret storage underneath the base of the North East headquarters of Havoc Corps.

However, years later with the reawakening of Gormaru and other monsters, their battles stormed all across Japan. With the latest conflict ravaging toward the location of the North East headquarters, Assault Captain Makoto Yamane broke into the storage facility of YAMATO-GEKIDO and took arm with the machine. Despite an unsuccessful merge sequence, Makoto Yamane burden himself with the painful act of being YAMATO's host, risking his dwindling life as he fended off the rampaging Gormaru and its present adversary. Ultimately, the clash left only Makoto and Gormaru as the surviving combatants, with YAMATO in need of repairs, and Gormaru in need of healing his wounds. Humanity observed an otherworldly event that day, that their hope was indeed rewarded with the possibility that Gormaru could indeed be stop for good. That peace can be restored. However, for Makoto, he witnessed the reward for all of his suffering, his pain, and his lost. A weapon of vengeance. For the product of man's inhumanity did not bring peace, but a sword.

Yamato is a bio-mechanical war machine rebuilt from the remnant of the Great Yamato battleship, serving as Japan's main line of defense against the horror of Gormaru and the rising cataclysm of horrific monsters. However, with it only being compatible with one human host, Yamato also serves as a weapon of vengeance within the hands of Makoto Yamane. Vengeance he will use to slay all monstrosities with, and destroy the existence of Gormaru.

Personality: YAMATO generally has no real form of personality, it is generally a machine after all. However under certain stressful and overwhelming situations from its host, YAMATO will display characteristics that emulate the mental state of its pilot. This is what makes YAMATO such a frightening weapon, since the bio-mechanical system binds the machine and its host so closely, should the host be mentally unstable, it can cause the robot to go berserk as it will mirror its host's unstable conditions. This effect in turn, will have the mecha act out on its own as if it were its own host.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------

Behold, I unleash to you, YAMATO-GEKIDO. This beautiful mecha is humanity's main weapon against Gormaru the Atomic Horror of the Deep. It is also Makoto Yamane(Main male protagonist of GORMARU) instrument of revenge against the atomic tyrant as well. In turn, this makes YAMATO-GEKIDO/Makoto Yamane one of the main arch-rivals of Gormaru within the series. Now do keep in mind, arch-rival does not mean arch-nemesis. I still haven't completely ironed out that idea yet Wink

YAMATO also marks as the first official mecha of my GORMARU series, and is also the first of the Second Trinity ^_^ Which will all be revealed soon enough in due time! YAMATO-GEKIDO(C)by Boogie209

A.G.A YAMATO-GEKIDO (The Anti-Gormaru Arsenal) Tumblr_n3iob3P4Do1rl1vlfo1_1280
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A.G.A YAMATO-GEKIDO (The Anti-Gormaru Arsenal)
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