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 Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang

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Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang Empty
PostSubject: Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang   Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang EmptyThu Nov 27, 2014 1:27 am

So this is the third Godzilla story in my series. I hope you like it. Like I do with all my other stories....I DO NOT OWN GODZILLA.....Enjoy. I will be
posting a chapter every few days until I reach where I am at in the story. Also I will make a review topic so feel free to ask questions and review.
I would like to thank my friend Riley for helping me with the name of this fanfic. 

Chapter 1

There was an earthquake and loud roar that caused many people to look up all of them  as a monster appeared to attack. It had a horn and looked like an armored caterpillar. People started running all over the place to escape but many were caught in the attack.  It started to fire energy out of its horn and eyes destroying several building at the same time.

The monster roared again before tunneling into the ground, that also did a lot of damage to the city. Hong Kong was a major wreck now thanks to the monster. Many were dead since they had no way of warning people of the attack. Some other countries came to aid within hours of the attack as well as sending people to help.  Couple of  Americans were among them who had been sent. They had seen this before.

"Remind me why I ended up being sent here?"

"Your profile" answered Maria, the daughter of the current president of the United States.

"Yeah some profile I have, working with some mad scientist, creating a clone of Godzilla and along some other projects that I did"

"You saved my life, Akane" said Maria

"Yeah" said Akane before looking around briefly

"I wish Griffin was here"

"Where is he anyway?"

"I don't know"

Griffin was standing in front of a tombstone in the Foreign cemetery in Japan. The name that was in the stone was one that would haunt him for the rest of his life.
Takuya Serizawa.

He was so deep in thought that  he didn't noticed two teenagers were behind him. Until one of them spoke that was."Who are you and what are you doing in front of father's tombstone?"

'Father?" thought Griffin before turning around.  There stood two faces he had seen in a long time.

"Aki? Shinji?"

"How do you know us?"

"This" said Griffin before doing a stupid pose that only the three knew about

"Griffin? Wow its you" said Aki hugging him

"Its good to see you too"

"You too, how have-" started Griffin only to get pushed to the ground by Shinji

"Get down" shouted Shinji, no sooner had he said that, something went over their heads and hit a nearby stone.

"What was that?"

"If I wouldn't know better, I'd say we just got shot at" said Shinji "Or mostly you Griffin. "

Griffin turned to look at where the shot had came from, whoever it was. It was clear that they wanted him dead. If there was, there was no way that he was going to get Aki or Shinji involved in it. With one last look at Serizawa's grave, he took off in the direction of the shot with Shinji. When they reached where the shot had came from as Shinji saw something there was nothing there. Griffin took a look around, it was clear that this was just the beginning.
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Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang Empty
PostSubject: Re: Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang   Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang EmptyThu Nov 27, 2014 12:56 pm

"That was weird" said Shinji as they sat down in a diner to hide themselves somewhere.

"No kidding" said Griffin

"I wonder what that was about?" said Aki

"I don't know but I have a feeling we'll find out soon" said Griffin before his phone went off.  He looked at the number, it was Akane. Hopefully the 
news she had was good, maybe she had the answer they needed.

"Hello" said Griffin

"We're in Hong Kong, checking out the damage done by the creature that attacked it"

"Godzilla?" asked Griffin

"No, something else. We've received a call a few minutes ago by someone who might be able to help"

"Good" said Griffin before getting up, this part of the call had to be just between the two of them "by the way. Was there anyone in the Chi Akaoni group that was a Sniper?"

"One but he was sent to jail with the others" said Akane.

Once Yamane had been killed, his base was ransacked and everyone was either dead or in jail now. It turned out that they were not going to go down without a fight, just like their boss. The few that were still out were now after both him and Akane. 


"Why do you asked?"

"Aki, Shinji and I were shot earlier by a sniper." said Griffin


"Yeah anyway about this person who wants to meet us"

"Us?" asked Akane "Well actually he's already here but still wants to talk to you"

"Okay" said Griffin, within seconds a new voice was on the phone

"Hello my name is Issac Amsel, I need a favor from you"

"...Okay..." said Griffin

"I have friend who is waiting for you with a map to an island, go to the island and report anything you find"

"Why can't you do this or get something else"

"I can't because I'm too busy for it. As for someone else, no one is willing to do it"

"I guess I'll do it but on one the condition.... that I get to bring couple of friends along"

"I'll have Miss Katagiri and Miss Anderson ready by tomorrow"

"I already have the people with me" said Griffin

"Okay. Here you can talk to Miss Katagiri again"

"Okay" said Griffin

"So what's the plan?"

"You and Maria will check out to see you can anything on the monster. Shinji, Aki and I will head to that island and see what we can find"

"Good luck" said Akane

"You too" said Griffin hanging up

"What's up" asked Aki

"How do you guys feeling about a boat trip?" asked Griffin

"What's so important about that island?" asked Maria as the phone call ended.

"I didn't want to get anyone's hope up but I believe that the island might have a way of defeating Godzilla" said Issac

"Really?" asked Maria

"What is it?" asked Akane

"I have an idea but I have to wait to see if I'm right"

"What do we do until then?"

"We wait" said Issac

"Welcome aboard" said the captain of the ship as the trio boarded it.

"Let's get going" said Shinji

"Calm down" said Griffin "How long will take to get to the island?"

"A couple of days" answered the captain

"Okay" said Griffin before heading the lower deck

When he got to where he would be sleeping he pulled out his mp3. He looked at the device, for some reason it was the only thing that seemed to have kept him sane all this time. He slowly had a smile appear on his face. After about a hour later Aki appeared as he was singing and didn't seemed to noticed her. She decided to listen to see if she recognized the song but she didn't.

"having fun" asked Aki causing Griffin jump into the air and face plant into the ground. She started laughing at his predicament.

"Very funny, Aki" muttered Griffin with his face still in the ground.

"It was actually" said Aki causing Griffin to blush.

"This is going to be a long trip" said Griffin looking out the window.

The days had finally passed and an island could be seen in the distance. They had arrived to the island and now a moment to soon. When they landed Shinji took off.

"Shini" shouted Aki

"Come on" said Griffin.

The two followed for a while, what had caused him to take off like that? It was clear that Shinji was not the same as he was when they were kids. Shinji finally ran out of energy at a nearby hillside.

"Shinji, what the hell were you thinking?"

"I-I don't know" said Shinji

"Well now what?" asked Aki sitting next to her brother

"Let me look at the map" said Griffin joining them but no sooner did he do that the hillside gave way sending them downhill.
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Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang Empty
PostSubject: Re: Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang   Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang EmptyTue Dec 02, 2014 12:18 am

Chapter 3

They landed in cave with a loud thud in a pile up. It was a pretty fun sight for those who not in it. Fortunately for them they were the only ones around
the area. Groaning, Aki was the first one to recover from the fall. She shook both of them to make sure that they were okay. Shinji was the first out of
the pair of guys to wake up, rubbing his head.

"You two okay?" asked Aki

"I'm fine, how about Griffin?"

"Look at the pretty colors" said Griffin showing that he was not okay

"That doesn't sound good" said Aki taking out the medical supplies which she had luckily grabbed before her brother had ran off.

"I think the fall did something to him" said Shinji

"Well its your fault"

"My fault?"

"Yes if you hadn't ran off, this wouldn't have happened"

"yeah sorry"

"Anyway, any idea where we are?"

"I'd say a cave of some sort" said Shinji "I'll check it out, come get me when Griffin wakes up"

"Okay" said Aki

"I'm awake you know" said Griffin as he got up. "Let's all go together"

The trio went down the path in the cave for a while until they came across a painting on a wall. In it were two moth like creatures that looked like they were battling each other. Was this what Issac wanted them to find?

"What is that?" asked Aki

"Mothra" said Griffin

"Mothra?" asked Shinji, Griffin pointed to above the pictures where names had been written.

"So if that is true, then one of them attacked Hong Kong"

"My guess would be that one" said Shinji pointing to the dark one "Battra"

Akane and Maria were trying to figure out why there was a book on monsters that had only just appeared over the last few years. It seemed to have started with Godzilla but he was considered a nature disaster. Now the guardian monsters were responding to the attack only to be killed. First Baragon, Anguirus, now these two moth monsters. Couple of minutes, Akane's phone went off, it was Griffin.

"Find anything?"

"Yes, the name of the monster that destroyed Hong Kong is Battra, it has a counterpart known as Mothra." said Griffin "Other than their names, we don't know anything about these monsters besides the fact that they must hate each other. I fear a major fight between them later on."

"So do you think Mothra is strong enough"

"If you mean that against Battra, yes. If you mean Godzilla I doubt it."

"Any idea of finding this Mothra?"

"I have a feeling that this island might have a clue" said Griffin

"Good luck and be careful"

"I will"

Griffin hung up before turning to tell the others something only to that they were gone. If this was going to happen every time his back was turned,
he would consider doing these alone. He decided to head back to the ship, when he heard something. He ran towards whatever it, maybe it was the others. Only to slide down another hillside and once again into the ground.

"This is getting ridiculous" said Griffin whose face was in the dirt after face planting in the ground. He got up and shook the dirt out of his face and hair.
As he looked up, what he saw he could not believe, it was a giant shrine. Gathering his courage, he slowly entered the shrine. When he all the way inside
of the shrine he couldn't believe his eyes. For there in the shrine was a giant egg, Mothra's egg.

'So she had no yet awaken, damn it, we need you. Now more then ever' thought Griffin and as if hearing his thoughts the egg began to hatch.

"What the-" said Griffin as he hid behind a nearby rock mostly for cover. He didn't know exactly what side Mothra was on. Minutes later a large caterpillar was where the egg once was. Griffin stepped out from behind the rock to get a better look at Mothra.


'Don't worry little one" said a voice causing Griffin to jump big time

"What the-" said Griffin looking around only to see that he was the only human there.

'It is I Mothra'

"Mothra..." breathed Griffin before kneeling before her, hoping this will get her on his side. "I have come to ask for your aid"

'Against what? Also use you thoughts it helps'

'Okay...a monster known as Godzilla has caused major amount to us as well to the earth. Also I fear that Battra has returned as well'

'What?' shouted Mothra 'Well might have to send Baragon to deal with this Godzilla'

'Um...Baragon already went against Godzilla and failed'


'Also dead'

"Well then I guess I'll have to deal with both of them'

'I have a better idea' said Griffin with a smile
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Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang Empty
PostSubject: Re: Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang   Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 11:55 pm

Chapter 4

Griffin walked back to the boat to see that Aki and Shinji were waiting for him as least that was nice of them after ditching him earlier. Then Griffin wondered what how would have they reacted to Mothra had they been with him? Aki most likely would have fainted, Shinji, he had no idea anymore. Shinji had changed so much since the last time he had saw. However a voice broke his current thoughts.

'I doubt it would have been good' said Mothra

'Jeez...a little warning would be nice, don't need to give me a heart attack.' thought Griffin as he jumped out of nowhere causing some confusion among the people who saw it, but he didn't notice or seemed to care.

'Sorry, anyway are you sure that plan will work?'

'I'm sure' thought Griffin 'Anyway, I'll have to head back, I'll keep you updated.'


"Where have you been?" asked Shinji

"I had to go somewhere to geet a signal to call Akane about a couple of things" said Griffin as he boarded "However its not fun being out in the woods by youself"


"Anyway we need to get back as soon as possible."

"Anyway did you find anything?" asked Shinji

'Oh crap, what should I do?' thought Griffin hoping that Mothra would be able to come up with something.

'Tell them what you can' replied Mothra

'Okay' thought Griffin before telling them what he could. Another thought that entered his mind was where was Battra or Godzilla for that matter? He also wondered about the sniper that had almost taken them out. It seemed that he had made several enemies due to many reasons.

Meanwhile In Tokyo in a small restaurant sat a man named Alexander Jones, an agent/assassin from an small unknown country. One of his two current targets managed to escape but next time he wouldn't be so lucky. He was sent to kill Issac because of what he knew, as for Griffin. He was a relative of one of the victims that had a lot power. He was going to see to it that both Issac and Griffin were dead.

"Breaking News, it seems that the monster that destroyed Hong Kong has appeared in Kyoto, no word on how many were killed, eyewitnesses, say that it was truly horrifying sight."

"Maybe I've that monster do my work for me" said Alexander before taking a sip of coffee. If it worked out good, both of them would be killed during one of this creatures attacks.

Akane and Maria were still looking up what they could find on the guardian monsters, but there was hardly anything. So far what they have found was due to Issac's book and even that was limited knowledge. They needed to dig deeper but where could the go and how would they even find something. It looked like the island was truly the only way that they could get answers about the guardian monsters. Basically the fact that they went against Godzilla and lost and their names.

"What do you think?"

"I think its basically up to Griffin now" said Akane "I hope he can do it"

"Same here" said Maira

Griffin sat on the boat listening to music, he hoped that Akane and Maria had found something else out. He was not about to play twenty questions with a creature at least fifty times his size even if she seemed nice. There was a knock at his door, he opened it and it was Aki.

"Aki, come in" said Griffin.

"Thank you" said Aki before sitting down "I'm worried"

"About what?"

"Shinji" said Aki "He's not been the same since father died"

"I think none of us have" said Griffin sadly "I miss him"

"I have to ask, since only you and one other went him, any idea how he die?" asked Aki, causing Griffin to turn to her in confusion.

"Didn't they tell you?"

"No" said Aki

"He was most likely killed by his own creation"


"He created something called the Oxygen Destroyer, it destroyed all the oxygen in the area where Godzilla, killing it along with your father...I'm sorry"

"Alright" said Aki getting and heading for the door "I'm sorry for Shinji's actions earlier"

"Don't worry about it" said Griffin as he opened the door for her again

"Thanks" said Aki before kissing him. Then she left leaving Griffin confused about what had happened. However a voice over the loudspeaker broke him from his thoughts, heading for the deck to find out what was, about halfway there was when he sensed him.

'No!' thought Griffin now running at full speed.

He joined the others on the main deck, everyone wondering what was approaching the ship. Except Griffin, he knew what it was, but why was he here of all places. Suddenly a beam of blue energy shot out of the water.

"What is that?" asked one of crew members

"Its Godzilla" said Griffin
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Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang Empty
PostSubject: Re: Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang   Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang Empty

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Godzilla: The Battle of Yin and Yang
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