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PostSubject: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:41 am

ゴジラ-GODZILLA (developed and published by Bandai Namco)

Gormaru Island has taken up the rigs in translating and producing a fan FAQ game guide
for GODZILLA(PS3). If you're ever in need of information, or are stuck in understanding
something, this guide is just for you!!

Translators: Donnie, STEGZ, Soundwave
FAQ Builder: Gormaru Omega/Boogie209

-Game Menu
-Game and Story Setting
-Game Controls and Command Layout
-HUD Layout
-G-Energy, Growth, and Evolution
-Monster Roster, Bosses, Playable
-Missions Walkthrough!!
-Options and Unlockable Content
Destruction Mode This is generally the game's main story mode, it ties into Mission Mode.

Mission Mode: Bash your way through each stage to take out the Energy Generator and proceed to the next area. Be sure to smash as many other buildings in the stage as possible to maximize your G-Energy. But beware, because the more buildings and structures you take out in the stage, the higher the Hazard Level will go, bringing out legendary monsters to battle.

Diorama Mode - Build the Godzilla scene of your dreams with various unlockable kaiju figurines and classic battlefields! Take photos of your work and save them onto your console, and share them with your friends! Or upload them online!

King of Monsters Mode -Where Godzilla must fight his way through the franchises most famous enemies to reach the top of the monster hierarchy and claim the throne as the true King of Monsters. This tournament-style mode is a time-trial fight to the finish against a horde of 6 randomly selected monster bosses! Evolve, grow, and defeat your competition, and score the fastest run-time! Your record will be posted online within the game's online ranking with other fantastic Gojira players!!

Evolution Mode: -This mode is critically important as it is a mode where you build up Gojira into the atomic horror that he truly is! To be clear, this is only for Gojira, not Burning Gojira nor GODZILLA. You can upgrade abilities, equip new powerful attacks, and arm yourself with powers that you would never expect the King to have!

Gallery: Obvious various photos that you captured upon each stage from their multiple SFX Camera spots! Relive your greatest moments! Of course, you can capture your own unique moments as well!

Special Note: The game's general menu are completely in English text, so don't worry about being lost when you first start up the game!
However, keep in mind that there are NO ENGLISH LANGUAGE SETTINGS to change out in Options!

ゴジラ-GODZILLA is an action-single player game, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Players take control
of the iconic king of the monsters, Godzilla, and rampage all across Japan in various missions, destroying
humanity and experiencing titanic monster battles! The game is a celebration of Godzilla's 60th Anniversary,
and the icon's successful revival back into the world!!

"Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, first appeared in 1954. Scientists studied Godzilla and found that they could harness energy from the monster. Called "G-Energy," this seemingly endless source of power was used to better the lives of all mankind. 60 years later, just when mankind's memory of the beast faded, Godzilla appeared again. Godzilla destroyed at will, all in search of more G-Energy. Such irony, the same G-Energy which was used to better the people's lives, also caused Godzilla to awaken. Can the G-Force, mankind's last hope, stop Godzilla? What fate awaits Godzilla once he has consumed all of the G-Energy, and grown to his full potential?"

(Story Mode Notes)/Soundwave



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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:55 pm



Primary Movement:
Godzilla can be controlled and moved forward and
back by using the Left Analog Stick or the D-Pad.

Rotate Movement:
Godzilla cannot be turned Left or Right unless you use L1 and R1, using these buttons
allows you to turn and rotate Godzilla as you walk about or stand in place.


Square Button: Melee Attacks,
Godzilla can attack using powerful strikes by pressing Square, however by using the D-Pad or Left Analog Stick,
Godzilla can perform various other Melee Attacks like Tail Swipes, Punches and Kicks.

Circle Button: Grapple and Throw Attacks:
Godzilla can hold a monster in place by pressing the Circle button, and by
pressing other attack buttons during the grapple, will allow you to Blast, Bite, and
Throw your opponent!

X Button: Charge Attack:
Pressing the X Button will prompt Godzilla to rampage forth in a powerful charge rush,
this attack will only cover a short distance!

Triangle Button: Atomic Breath
Pressing the Triangle Button will prompt Godzilla to use his powerful Atomic Breath!
It can be aimed and controlled automatically to the nearest targets! So long as you have your
Temperature meter filled, you can use this attack!

L2 Button: Nuclear Pulse
Pressing this button will have Godzilla perform the powerful Nuclear Pulse attack,
and so long as your Temperature meter is filled, you can use this attack!! You have invincible frames
during the entire attack sequence, so use this to your advantage in surviving brutal attacks.

CAMERA Control: The SFX Camera can be engaged at four precise locations all over map,
each spot brings a cinematic angle that emulates the Toho films within their own way. If you press
the select button, you can take snap-shot photos and view them later within the Galley.

Right Analog(R3): Controls Camera View. Pressing Down on the R3 will engage in the SFX Camera Mode.



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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:19 pm


Energy Rate: This meter showcases and gauges how high you can chain and pile up your landed attacks.
Scoring larger and larger hit counts will increase the number rate, If you're to stop attacking, the meter will decrease, and
once it drains completely, the hit counts you built up will be lost.

Temperature: This meter represents your nuclear reserves/power, this meters allows the player
to use Gojira's iconic abilities like Atomic Breath, Nuclear Pulse, and Spiral Breath. When these abilities are used, the meter
will be consumed, how much of the meter is consumed depends on how many times the player uses said abilities in continuous
sessions, or how heavily they charge their attacks. Once the meter is drained completely, no abilities can be used until the meter
refills itself again.

MAP: The map reveals the area around the player, pinpointing the location of G-Generators, Enemy forces, and
the location of the player's character as well. The map also marks out the target of objectives that the player must deal with throughout
the stage.

Disaster/Hazard Level: As you unleash great destruction onto the map by destroying city structures, G-Generators, G-Force towers,
and military forces. A gauge will gradually build up, this being the Disaster Level. Once the gauge has been filled up, it will summon powerful
reinforcements from G-Force, bringing forth overwhelming punishment to the player. The gauge can be increased to new levels, each level
unleashing more hordes of military forces. Should you build it high enough, it will summon mini bosses like the Super Xs and inevitably Kiryu.  

It will only last for several minutes, but should you destroy them, they will temporarily retreat until the next level is reached.

Height: "Height" records your current height in-game, and keeps track of any growths spurred by absorbing the nuclear radiation
known as G-Energy, and destroying the stage's environment. The maxing of "Height" for Gojira is 100 meters, you begin the game at 50 meters, but
can evolve to such peaks throughout the game.

Destruction Ratio: "Destruction Ratio" tells the player how much of the map is destroyed in-game.

Boss Health Bar: During the engagement of a Major Boss or Mini Boss, their health bar will appear at the top of the screen. Along with their
name, and their present "Meter Class".

TIME: In the corner of the screen, a timer will be located showing off how much time you have to complete
whatever mission you are currently enduring. It's unclear if this goes for all missions, or just "timed" missions.

HEALTH: Like certain games out there, your health is unseen. But if you're taking extreme damage, an indication of your health being crushed
down will be fiery streaks of red and orange all around the screen. This means you're about to die. If don't take anymore damage, your health will regenerate itself. But take any heavy damage while near death and you will die.

SFX CAMERA: There are four blocks at the bottom right of the screen(1,2,3,4), these are location marks in which you can engage the SFX Camera freely.
When you have entered one of these areas, one of the boxes will be highlighted, and the camera icon will appear. Activate it, and a small timer gauge will appear and dwindle down, telling you when the game is about to take a picture. Once the gauge is gone, a photo will be taken.


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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:46 pm

G-ENERGY, GROWTH, AND EVOLUTION(UPDATED):  Collect G-Energy in each stage to Power-Up your Godzilla! Grow Godzilla from 50 up to 100 Meters tall. Godzilla's defensive and offensive prowess will increase in line with his size. Your Godzilla will also learn new skills, and you can power up his beam as well! Power up enough, and Godzilla will even fly!

G-Energy are collected from G-Generators, these towering reactors contain the power you seek out, however they are armed with defenses that can knock you off your feet. Destroy these generators and you'll attain heights of capabilities. Each time you damage them, each of the Generator's reactors will shutdown and turn red. Depending on how reactors are stacked, will determine how many times you will need to attack it.

Growing larger and more powerful is important, because there will be enemy monsters within larger Meter Classes that will overpower and crush you if you don't have the strength or weight to back you up. However be warn, absorbing too much G-Energy will produced nightmarish results.

EVOLUTION MODE: This is a specific mode that can be naturally accessed from the game's main menu.
From this mode, unlockable abilities and techniques can be attained and equipped to Gojira, which can be used throughout Destruction Mode and
potentially, King of the Monsters Mode as well.

These abilities can be unlocked by completing various missions, unlocking content related to the Monster Field Guide, and filling out the game's
Gallery. Conditions and requirements vary based upon the ability that you're trying to obtain. Each attack can be effective against a boss within the game,
without them, than don't expect a solid fight against a powerful opponent. And yes, these abilities can be chained into numerous "Rushes", which can certainly lend aid towards your potential victory.

This mode is critically important, so check back to it as much as possible. It's unclear if upgraded or newly equipped abilities can be removed or changed out for others.

EVOLUTION MODE LIST: These are all upgrade-able moves that the player can unlock and equip to Gojira! These powerful
abilities can only be unlocked by completing certain conditions through Destruction Mode. Generally, destroying famous landmarks
will allow to unlock them. But as does defeating special boss matches like winning against a 100 Meter Class Boss.

1. Temperature Enhancement Lv 2 (Grows your Temperature Meter to 2 Bars)
2. Temperature Enhancement Lv 3 (Grows your Temperature Meter to 3 Bars)
3. 180 Tail Spin (Godzilla can perform a devastating 180 Tail Spin to crush surrounding opponents: Press L1 and R1)
4. Tail Slam (Godzilla can perform a powerful tail slam to reach opponents out of his frontal range: Press Down(L-Analog Stick) and Square)
5. 90 Degree Body Crush (With a sharp 90 degree twist, Godzilla can crash his powerful form for decimating damage: Press Left or Right(L-Stick) and Square

6. Pummeling Stomp (While Stampeding or Charging/Rushing, if you press Square, Godzilla will dish out a crushing stomp: While Rushing, press Square)
7. Atomic Flight: (With his powerful Atomic Breath focused, Godzilla can charge against his opponents! Press Down (L-Stick) and Triangle
8. ?????????????
9. Atomic Toss: (With unstopple strength, Godzilla and throw his opponents like mere toys! During Grapple phase, press Square.) Tip: Throws can be aimed within any direction depending on where you aim your L-Stick before release!)
10. ????????
11. ???????
12. ???????
13. ???????

SIDE NOTE: While you can use these powerful moves, you can only use them against monsters whose data have been collected and added onto
the abilities listings. The list is upon the right side underneath the Equip Points. It will inform you which monsters you can use them against depending if you have their data. If their number is: x0 then that means that you can use said abilities against said monster should you ever fight. Even if it's equipped.



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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:53 pm

MONSTER ROSTER/BOSSES/PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: These are all of the monsters presently within the game,
within this section as well, will be listed which monsters are bosses and playable characters.

Heisei Gojira
Burning Gojira
GODZILLA(2014) (Boss)

King Ghidorah (Boss)
Mothra Larva (Boss)
Mothra Adult (Boss)

Biollante (Boss)
Jet Jaguar (Boss)
Hedorah (Boss)

MechaGodzilla (Boss)
Super MechaGodzilla (Boss)
KIRYU (Boss)
Gigan(2004/Modified) (Boss)

Playable Characters:
Heisei Gojira
Burning Gojira (Unlockable)
GODZILLA (Unlockable)



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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:58 pm

MISSION WALKTHROUGHS: This section will be entirely dedicated to the missions/stages enlisted within the game's "Destruction Mode".

Destruction Mode(Story Mode): This specific mode is the game's general Story Mode, where you take control over a newly awakened Gojira and rampage all across Japan in the pursuit of G-Energy. Except for the first 2-3 Stages which are exactly like the Demo, the story mode is non-liner, meaning you can rampage whatever stages you want out of the 20+ missions that the game has. Depending on your play-style, and how you decide to go about in handling your mission, you can trigger major boss battles of various meter classes and engage resistance from the Disaster Level.

Monster Bosses will appear randomly for the most part, but certain routes will lead to specific bosses.

STAGE 1: The stage of the game allows the player to grab a handle on Gojira, your main and only objective is to wade through all
opposing forces and reach the G-Generator upon the map. You are to destroy the G-Generator and absorb its G-Energy. The difficulty is on
"EASY", so you can stretch yourself out and learn how to control Gojira.

Tips: Destroy all structures and forces upon the map, you don't have to of course, but by doing so, you will increase your growth. This
can be extremely helpful in the long run against tougher opponents. The evolution you've endured will carry over to the next stage.


Destruction Mode - Stages/Area Map!!

EASY Stages/Areas: Blue Boxes
NORMAL Stages/Areas: Purple Boxes
HARD Stages/Areas: Brown Boxes

Throughout Destruction Mode, you can travel throughout multiple branches with various difficulties. However, depending on what path you choose, will determine what areas you miss out on. Which as a result can lead you to miss more special boss battles!

DESTOROYAH: To engage this boss battle, the most solid way is to rampage through the HARD Stages completely.

Conditions: Grow to 85-90 Meters and Raise Disaster Level to Lvl 3 or 4. Do this, and he will appear in these HARD stages:


If you go through the Normal Stages to Hard Stages route, as mapped out before you, Destoroyah might "possibly" appear within these areas of the game: Depending on which route you go with.



BIOLLANTE: To engage this boss battle, well, you can engage this boss battle very easily.

Conditions: If you go through the Normal Stages to Hard Stages as mapped out before you, you can engage Biollante in AREA 17 of STAGE6:

Will Appear In:

Remember, you have to go through Normal Stages for a bit of your run in the beginning before you get to the crossing of choosing whatever route for STAGE6.

JET JAGUAR: To engage this boss battle, you will need to follow these specific conditions.

Conditions: Destruction Ratio of the map must be between: 50-65%, after this, QUICKLY rush to the G-Generators and destroy them as quickly as possible. Do this for each of these 3 stages listed below, and you will trigger Jet Jaguar boss battles 3 times in 1 walkthrough. Which will earn you a trophy!

STAGE 1 of AREA01:
STAGE 4 of AREA07:
STAGE 5 of AREA12:


The Story Mode is split into various branches, each branch carrying a specific level of difficulty, each branch being a stage with certain objectives. The main constant objective is absorbing G-Energy to reach your full power. There is also a percentage of how much the story has been completed, this is estimated depending on how much you have played through the branches and their stages. Of course, you can freely mix up stages and their difficulty depending on which route you want to go by.

However, if you want to reach the true ending of the game, playing on HARD assures that you will reach its end and Final Stages. Why? Well, the difficulty of each branch allows you to grow at certain rates. HARD allows you to grow much larger, and a bit faster(depending if you destroyed everything) because the objectives and battles are more demanding and difficult. The lower the difficulty, the less growth you will naturally attain throughout the stages.

To Grow Gojira to 100 Meters:
-Destroy All Military Forces, every single enemy dot!
-Destroy G-Force Artillery Weapons
-Destroy Super X, Super X2, Super X3, and Gotengo
-Destroy G-Generators for G-Energy

Side tip: Trigger Disaster Level, and destroy reinforcement for extra Growth meters.

UPDATE: After playing our copies of the game numerous times, our experiences have determined this officially.

FINAL STAGE: The Final Stage for the game is a slightly difficult end to unlock throughout the story mode. Since the story mode in general branches off to into several different stages, it takes a while to finally reach the last battle. This can take much longer when certain conditions are not met either. However with the proper guidance, it can be done!

To reach the final stage, you must do this:
1. Play Through the HARD Difficulty Stages Only
2. Grow Gojira to 100 Meters or over 100 Meters. (Destroy All Military forces, Destroy All Cities/Facilities, and Defeat Super X's, and Gotengo)
3. Destroy all or most Stages with a 100% Destruction Ratio
4. Max out the Disaster Level to LEVEL 5 (Once the Final Boss Stage is triggered, you need to Max-KO the Disaster Level to bring out GODZILLA)

TRUE ENDING: Should you not complete the Story mode on HARD, or with Gojira at a 100 Meters. Than the story will settle you with a sub-ending, leaving it off as an enticing cliffhanger that hints towards a huge catastrophic end should Gojira ever reach his full potential.

The real ending will be revealed once the player has reached the Final Stage within the story, and defeated GODZILLA. Due to not wanting to spoil future newcomers who have yet to play the game, all we can say is that it's pretty satisfying! Very Happy



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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:01 pm

TROPHIES: This specific section will be dedicated to the game's listing of trophies!! (UPDATE)

GODZILLA(GAME)Trophies Revealed!!

Godzilla-Godzilla(Platinum) -Collect All Trophies
A Disaster's Memory(Bronze) -Clear Tutorial Mode
Tokyo Radio Tower(Bronze)-Destroy The Radio Tower in Tutorial

A Nightmare's Return(Bronze)-First landfall in Destruction Mode

The Whereabouts of Humanity(Bronze) -Clear Stage 7 in Destruction Mode

Sleep Within The Sea(Silver)- Clear Stage 9 in Destruction Mode

Unlearned Legacy(GOLD)- Clear FINAL Stage in Destruction Mode

MechaGodzilla Hunter(Silver)-Destroy Kiryu in Destruction Mode

Photo Novice(Bronze)-Collect First Data Information from Camera Mode

Photo Collector(Silver)-Attain 50% of Data Collection from Camera Mode

Photo Master(Gold)-Complete your Data Collection 100% from Camera Mode

God of Destruction(Silver)-All Areas Are Cleared in Destruction Mode

Our Jet Jaguar(Silver)-Win Your Bouts Against Jet Jaguar 3 Times in Destruction Mode

I'm a Monster Hunter(Silver)-Conquer All Monsters in Destruction Mode

G-Force Hunter(Silver)-Destroy All Weapons of G-Force in Destruction Mode

Helicopter Hunter(Silver)-Destroy 20 Helicopters in Destruction Mode

Jet-Fighter Hunter(Silver)-Destroy 20 Jet-Fighters in Destruction Mode

RUSH 10x(Bronze)-Maintain up to 10 RUSH Attacks
RUSH 30x(Bronze)-Maintain up to 30 RUSH Attacks
RUSH 50x(Silver)-Maintain up to 50 RUSH Attacks

100% Destruction Ratio(Bronze)-Achieve 100% Destruction Ratio within any Area!

Godzilla 80M(Bronze)-Evolve Godzilla beyond 80 meters in Destruction Mode

Godzilla 90M(Bronze)-Evolve Godzilla beyond 90 meters in Destruction Mode

Godzilla 100M(Silver)-Max Godzilla's evolution to 100 Meters in Destruction Mode

Challenger(Bronze)-Dominate your first play of King of the Monsters Mode

Hail The Monster King(Silver) Clear your first run of King of the Monsters Mode

Ten Minute's Time(Bronze) Clear KOTM Mode in 10 minutes
Eight Minute's Time(Bronze) Clear KOTM Mode in 8 minutes
Six Minute's Time(Gold) Clear KOTM Mode in 6 minutes

Sign of Evolution(Bronze) Evolve for the first time in EVOLUTION

I Have Showa Soul!(Bronze) Acquire Showa-Based Skills in EVOLUTION (Lung-Attack, Back Tackle)

Atomic Breath Master(Bronze) Unlock all Atomic Breath in EVOLUTION

Perfection(Silver) Complete All Evolving in EVOLUTION

Diorama Beginner(Bronze) Use Diorama for the first time!
Figure Collector(Bronze) Collect all Figures of Diorama Mode
Stage Master(Bronze) Collect All Stages of Diorama Mode

Amateur Photographer(Bronze)First shot in Diorama Mode
Professional Photographer(Silver) Take 100 shots in Diorama Mode

Godzilla Fan! (Bronze) View Kaiju Field Guide for the first time!
Gojira Master (Silver) Collect all data of the Kaiju Field Guide
Gojira Mania(Bronze) View the entire Kaiju Field Guide!




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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:04 pm


SETTINGS Layout: The game has its usual listings of options, from light controls to sound volume. However, it does not hold an option to change the game's language into ENGLISH. More will be detailed later on.

1.(Top) Custom Background Soundtrack
The first option of settings allows you to engage in implementing custom soundtracks from your PS3 hard-drive into your game.
Allowing you to assign any music track to various monsters, G-force weapons, military reinforcements, and Disaster Level triggers.

However, to be able to do this, you will need to unlock this feature for each and every one of them upon the list. This can be done
by playing through Destruction Mode, and King of the Monsters mode.



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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:14 pm

UNLOCKABLE CONTENT(UPDATED: The game has various unlockable content, and here it will be addressed.

GODZILLA(2014): This Big Guy from the successful hit GODZILLA, can be unlocked naturally throughout the entire game by completing several
special conditions: Defeating him at the Final Stage.

However, if you preordered the game early on, you'll attain a preorder DLC code as a bonus, which will unlock GODZILLA at the
very beginning of the game. The DLC code is only for "First Print" preorder copies and is limited.

EVOLUTION UPGRADES: By playing through Destruction Mode, abilities and upgrades can be earned, which can be later, created and equipped
in EVOLUTION Mode. These upgrades use up special items earned from defeating specific boss battles, once used in creating an upgrade, the items
will be used up to the requirements needed.

BURNING GOJIRA: The meltdown state of Gojira is a playable character within the game that can be unlocked by achieve the "Final Stage"
of the story mode. Should you defeat GODZILLA, you will unlock this form as a playable character.
MONSTER FIELD BIOS: Various kaiju bios from the Toho franchise can be unlocked and read within the Monster Field Encyclopedia/Guide Mode, showcasing their film history, and the background of said monsters. This can be unlocked by playing through Destruction Mode.

Diorama Mode: These figures can be unlocked and used within "Diorama Mode", they can be used freely and positioned anyway you like once
you have them! Unlocked by playing through Destruction Mode.

Diorama Stages/Figures: Like the Diorama figures, there are unlockable stages that can be used for Diorama mode as well! ^_^ These can be unlocked by playing through King of the Monsters Mode, and Destruction Mode.


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PostSubject: Re: 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS4/PS3 GAME FAQ   

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